Iola Industries, Inc.
P.O. Box 768
Iola, Kansas  66749

Success Stories

Iola Industries, Inc. was successful in locating to Iola these industries and businesses:

1961 - Columbia Metal Products - Produces aluminum storm doors, windows and patio doors for distribution throughout the Mid West. Employs 50.

1973 - Intercollegiate Press ( now Herff Jones) - produces year books, diplomas, class rings, caps and gowns, etc. for high schools, colleges and universities nationwide. Employs 65

1974 - Gates Rubber Company – produces high pressure hoses and belts for mining, agriculture and manufacturing worldwide. Employs 700

1974 - T&E Company- manufactures custom pallets for area manufacturers – employs 5

1974 - Klein Tool – manufactured lineman hand tools in this forging facility – employed 200 at its peak before it closed in 1999. Factory is to be sold at auction.

1975 - D of K Vaults, Inc - manufactures concrete burial vaults and accessories.  Employs 10.

1978 - Haldex Brake Products Corporation - f/k/a Midland Brake.  They produced high pressure hoses, wiring, fittings for the Tractor Trailer Industry.  Over 500  worekd there during their peak employment. The plant recently closed and now has a 150,000 facility for sale.

1981 - Tramec Corporation - Manufactures high pressure hoses and fittings in the tractor trailer industry.  Employ 90.

1981 - Doctor's Clinic - Building constructed to provide office space to visiting doctors and their specialties to Iola.

1991 - M & W Manufacturing, Inc. – is a custom job shop for local manufacturing facilities. Employs 15.

1994 - Russell Stover Candy – manufactures candy products for distribution worldwide. Employs 500.

2004 - Precision Pump – now owned by Cameron Industries, manufactures down hole oil field products sold worldwide. Employs 125

2007 - Sonic Equipment / Kneisley Manufacturing - Manufactures and distributes movie theater digital projectors and equipment to theaters nationwide.  Employs 80.

2008 - Advantage Computer, Inc.  - provides computer software products and support primarily to municipalities all over the State of Kansas.  Employs 20.

2009 - Van Diest Supply Company - constructed a 45,000 square foot warehouse for distribution of their products throughout the Midwest.  Employs 5.

2009 - River View Homes – Iola Industries purchased 60 + acres so that a developer could construct 30 new homes for Iola residents.

2010 - Concept Analysis and Integration, LLC  - A Washington DC based tech company that offers business intelligence and analytics, project management and implementation and computer solutions.  Employs 8.